(FOL) has been built upon a strong set of values and principles, which forms the basis of the operations and ethos of the business. These values and principles guide the business of (FOL) and steer its direction and operations.

(FOL) is based on the firm belief that it is imperative for entrepreneurship and business values to work simultaneously in order to build a triumphant and sustainable business. The values are entrenched in the work ethics and principles of the employees of (FOL) as well as all the levels involved in the business process. The values are also reflected from the relationship that (FOL) has successfully and diligently maintained with its business partners for many years.

Even in this modern business environment with extreme competition between businesses, it is not an easy task to maintain a set of high values, but nevertheless, (FOL) has always been able to take pride in its ability to uphold the organizations values as well as ensuring steady development of businesses as well as the employees. (FOL) firmly believes that when it follows its values and practice and everyone puts in their best efforts, success shall always be attained and this has been the guiding principle since its initiation.