Multi Country Consolidation

Multi-County Consolidation (MCC) is a cost-effective solution that consolidates your cargo from different countries of origin to build Full Container Loads (FCL). MCC is most suitable for companies that import light volumes of goods from multiple countries but want to take advantage of the more economic FCL freight rates.
MCC provides a solution for companies to save ocean freight cost by reducing the number of individual LCL shipments. LCL shipments are considerably expensive. and the costs or multiple LCL shipments from various countries can be high. With MCC, you can take advantage of the more economic FCL freight rates to maximize cost effectiveness in your supply chain. Our advanced SOL System provides superb supply chain visibility and control to ensure smooth operation throughout the MCC solution. You can exception manage and monitor your cargo movement through SOL in real-time. Our professional supply chain management experts help you coordinate with your suppliers through our local offices, to give you direct control at origin. Multi-Country Consolidation helps you save costs in your supply chain logistics as well as gives you better sourcing options. Consult our staff to design your own Multi-Country Consolidation solution now.

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Are you looking for efficient ways to consolidate multi-country operations? Learn how to streamline processes and increase profitability with our comprehensive guide on multi-country consolidation.

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