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In today’s competitive environment, communication and information sharing are key for the optimization of your supply chain. Especially for global operations, the timely identification, communication, and resolution of exceptions are vitally important. You can access the C&E function, simply and easily, through FOL online system. It facilitates direct online communication between you and us, and between the relevant players throughout the chain, making fast work of problem handling, and smoothing the passage of your bookings

Visibly communicative

No matter which FOL office is your principal contact point, FOL online system shares the same online tools with you, ensuring fast communication through a shared platform, and easy access through a clearly laid-out dashboard. Any and each exception that takes place is logged in the C&E database, as it occurs. All stakeholders communicate through the same platform, speeding up the resolution process. And all communications are recorded, providing an audit trail for future analysis, and quality improvement. This data capture enables us to produce measurement reports, revealing the issues leading to the necessity to re-visit purchase orders during the shipment lifecycle. The report output can be used to update business rules and tolerance levels within our joint standard operating procedures. The result? The successful reduction of exceptions and faster identification and resolution of issues.

Continual improvement

Improvement implies first identifying the exceptions to smooth processing. C&E enables us – and you – to continually improve supply chain processes by:
  • Identifying exceptions in your supply chain process
  • Enabling fast resolution of exceptions using a shared platform
  • Capturing exceptions and resolutions for future reference
  • Producing visual statistics to analyse exception patterns and formulate decisions.

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Discover how effective communication and handling of exceptions can help improve workplace productivity! Learn the best practices today.

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We recognize that each supply chain is distinct and so are the specific needs of your business. As a result, we have made a commitment to act as an integrator of comprehensive logistics services. This means that we provide a range of solutions that can be customized to meet the unique demands of your supply chain. With us as your single partner, you can enjoy the convenience of end-to-end delivery and leverage your supply chain as a competitive advantage.